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     Memories, a word that invokes special times and moments in everyones life. It has no boundaries and is not limited to any one race, age, or geographic location. This company is energized by this awesome power that all strive to reach that are locked in the vaults of the human heart and mind. Our goal is to try to capture ones memories and place them in a graphical format that may keep that memory vivid and in a timeless fashion. While we have no boundaries on what a person may want to capture in this way, we will focus more on the pet industry without excluding any other genre of what a person wants.

     Owners with beloved pets are people who use graphical (photo) and tangible items as timeless keepsakes ... this is what makes our world go around. We are aware that there are many photographic studios and companies producing memorabilia, at either end of the spectrum, that will consider photographing a pet or try to do custom work. However, they do not openly welcome your furry family members. At Burnin' Memories, pets are our primary business but making items that present a timeless memory are what we strive to do. We are dedicated to capturing a moment you can remember forever to preserve a special relationship. With many years of experience, and a gentle approach in an unhurried environment, we will preserve memories in a beautiful piece of photographic art. Our strong commitment to client satisfaction is showcased by the perfect photograph or represented by a 3 dimensional item that captures the personality of the pet and the loving relationship between the pet and owner or anything that represents what one may want for a unique timeless keepsake.

     While pets will be our focus, all memories may want to be captured in this way.

     Burnin' Memories is a small business aimed at bringing a smile to everyones face when they see their beautiful family member captured in a stunning portrait on a unique item. Our goal of superior customer service and satisfaction will take dedication on the part of all staff members and vendors.

     Our keys to success will be providing high quality portraits, permanent engraved art, precision cutting, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service as our hallmark.